Young entrepreneur Shomrat

  • 01 Nov
  • 02:37 PM

01 Nov, 21

At a young age, Md. Shomrat became known as a popular entrepreneur. He is currently running a reputed E-commerce organization. Named "SR Solutions”

Shomrat was born on March 2, 1999, in Chikandi Union of Shariatpur district. He completed secondary school certificate from Chikandi Saraf Ali High School and higher secondary from Syed Abul Hossain College, Madaripur. He is currently studying BBA in the Department of Management at Shariatpur Government College under the National University.

On October 10, 2017, he came to Dhaka with many dreams from a low middle-class family. Initially, he started working in digital marketing, but after working there for six (06) months, he faced a big problem and was forced to leave the organization. In Dhaka city, there was no one else to speak for the boy. For about four (04) days he wanders outside and to survive he wanders around to different people for work. In this situation, one of his elder brothers (whose name is Mr. Md. Samsul Haque Dhali) offered him a job in a restaurant. Shomrat then sees a glimmer of hope. However, before starting that work, he has to go through many ups and downs, such as; He has to go for an interview formally, now where will he get a formal shirt, pants and shoes? He didn't have the rent to go to a restaurant, how could he buy so many things.

Since the job was very much needed for Shomrat, he borrowed 800 taka from a relative and bought a shirt, pants and shoes from the footpath of Gulistan and completed his interview. He started working on April 09, 2019 with a salary of seven thousand Taka. He had to do 10-12 hours of duty every day. In the meanwhile, after finishing his duty, he started trying hard to realize his dreams in his elder brother's office. In between, they met someone through social media and they wanted to work in e-commerce. Then the two start looking for a job together and a much better relationship develops between them. At one point they found a job in E-commerce. At that time Shomrat decided to quit the restaurant but it was too difficult because he contracted Chikungunya and one of his colleagues took care of him and healed him. Then he quit his job at the restaurant for a while. He was not paid a month's salary from the restaurant for which he had to travel for a long time.

Started a new life, started working with E-commerce. The first of E-commerce was very difficult. In the first month he gets only 350 Taka for work and then it goes on like this for two / three months but this time Shomrat’s family supports him. Then his work went well enough. While working, the team became 15 members and was managed by Shomrat himself. At one point Shomrat’s partner started conspiring against him and started mentally torturing him. At various times his team members complained to his partner against him. In this situation Shomrat was forced to leave by them. Then began his struggle for survival. Then he left Dhaka for his village home, where the people of the village started making various bad remarks about him which the Shomrat could not take in any way.

Later Shomrat moved to Dhaka again and at this time Shomrat was overwhelmed with despair. Shomrat decides to commit suicide at one stage. But the people around him understand him and inspire him to start all over again. Later, Shomrat went to his childhood friend Md. Rayhan Hossain with new initiative and started the journey of his E-commerce organization "SR Solutions" on June 20, 2020. It’s founder and head is Md. Shomrat and managing director is Md. Rayhan Hossain. After that, Shomrat did not have to look back. He currently employs about 70 people in his E-commerce organization who are doing well and supporting their family. Shomrat’s wish will create more jobs in the future. He thinks that ‘’The welfare of the country and the people is possible only by employing the youth.’’