World athletic day

  • 04 May
  • 11:35 PM

Varsity Voice Desk 04 May, 21

The international association of athletics federation, formally known as the international amateur athletics federation(IAAF). initiated the concept of world athletics day. The basic objective of World Athletics Day is to boost the participation of youths in athletics. this federation is a track and field organization that incorporates a national association of 160 countries across the world.

World Athletics Day was celebrated for the first time in 1996. Primo Nebiolo, the president of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), introduced the event. IAAF was founded in 1912 in Sweden as the international governing body for the sport of field athletics and track. The event is sponsored and organized by IAAF. There are a lot of competitions take place on that day. The most common types are track and field, road running, race walking and cross country running, etc.

The objective of World Athletics day is to increase public awareness about sports and to educate youngsters about the importance of sports. It wants to popularize sports among the youth and establish a link between the youth, sport, and environmental conservation. Also, establish athletics as the number one participation sport in schools all over the world. Thus it wants to promote it as the primary sports in schools and institutions.

In the meantime, many famous people have been born in Bangladesh and made Bangladesh proud by their achievements. Surprisingly we have some notable Bangladeshi athletes with the most unique records that made us proud.

Niaz Murshed:- First South Asian to earn chess Grandmaster Title. He is a very well-known chess player in Bangladesh. He is the pioneer of chess in Bangladesh. Niaz became the first South Aeon to earn the Grandmaster title In 1987, a truly exceptional achievement He represented Bangladesh In eight Chess Olympiads and won four national championship titles at the age of only 16.

Brojen Das:- First Asian to swim across the English Channel. He created his first history after crossing the English channel, in 1958. He crossed the Channel then-record six times from 1958 to 1961. In 1961, he smashed the world record of the fastest to cross the English Channel. He also won multiple national-level competitions during the Pakistan period.

ZOBERA RAHMAN LINU:- 16-time winner of national table tennis championship. she made name for herself ag=fter winning a record 16-time national table tennis championship in the individual category.

Apart from them, we have a lot of athletes in our country who made us proud. also, we have been significant successes in golf, karate, shooting, and archery. though our country is famous for cricket and our national sport is kabaddi, sponsorship and some modal plans required to revive these two particular games. more and more will come in the renowned Bangladeshi athletes with the most unique records if the government come forward to develop its sporting structure.

Mohammad Ashraful Islam Liam
Student, Department of English Language, Jagannath University.