JnUTA rejects UGC’s policy on recruitment

  • 25 Apr
  • 11:29 AM

JnU Correspondent 25 Apr, 21

The Jagannath University Teachers' Association (JnUTA) has rejected the "Policy on Recruitment and Promotion of Teachers in Public Universities' framed by the University Grants Commission (UGC). They condemned such a policy as against the autonomy of the university.

Jagannath University Teacher Association’s President Prof. D. Noor Alam Abdullah and General Secretary Prof. D. Shamima Begum signed a condemnation press realise that was confirmed by the several teachers of the university on Sunday.

JnU Teachers’ Association strongly condemned the policy and rejected it, the press release said. On March 25, the Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) approved the Ministry of Education's guidelines for setting minimum qualifications for the formulation of up-to-date policies on recruitment, promotion and promotion of teachers in public universities. Which is contrary to the autonomy of the university and inconsistent with the prevailing law and is an obstacle in the way of higher education and research.

Therefore, on the basis of the unanimous opinion given at the general meeting of the Jagannath University Teacher's Association held on 22nd April, the Teachers' Association considers the guideline as unacceptable and rejects it as it is against the autonomy and law of the university. The Jagannath University Teachers' Association is calling on the University Grants Commission to formulate a separate pay scale for teachers and take necessary steps to increase the research opportunities of teachers and students with adequate scholarships for higher education.

Jagannath University Teacher’s Association strongly condemned and protested the formulation of such a policy as the policy was flawed and unrealistic.

It may be mentioned that on March 25, the UGC sent a guideline to all the universities of the country to determine the minimum qualifications for formulating a timely policy on 'Recruitment, Promotion and Promotion of Teachers in Public Universities'.