GMAT and GRE Webinar Held at DEML, NSU

  • 27 Aug
  • 12:02 PM

Our representative 27 Aug, 21

On August 22, the Department of English and Modern Languages (DEML) of North South University (NSU) organized a webinar titled "Tips and Tricks for GMAT and GRE." This webinar was hosted by Md Mehedi Hasan, Senior Lecturer of North South University. The instructors of the webinar were Mr. Belal Hossain and Mr. Sanower Hossain Shamim. The Business Standard powered the webinar, and was the online media partner.

GRE and GMAT are two international exams that make a student fit for higher education abroad. Since the two exams are outside the academic studies, the lack of proper technique for these exams creates obstacles in higher education abroad. The Department of English and Modern Languages (DEML) of NSU arranged this webinar to explain the exact methods of these two international tests and how students can easily do well in these exams.

Mr. Belal Hossain, currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Oklahoma State University, USA, highlighted the GMAT tips and tricks in the webinar. He received two MBAs from two top-ranked universities. His first MBA was from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), and the second one was from Texas Christian University, USA. With a score of 690, he is one of the top GMAT scorers in town. The other speaker was Mr. Sanower Hossain Shamim, a GRE expert doing his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is working as a Research Assistant at the same university. With a score of 327 in GRE, he is one of the best GRE instructors.

GRE is essential for admission to graduate programs (MS / Ph.D. program after Bachelor's degree) in reputed American universities. For decent scores in GRE, Mr. Sanower Hossain Shamim emphasized five elements and presented each segment separately to the students. He named some of the books to enhance reading skills and discussed GRE questions and time management. Lastly, he finished his valuable speech by presenting his techniques and answering students' questions.

Later, Mr. Belal presented how students can do well in GMAT quickly, what part of grammar needs to be emphasized, and a list of essential books. Responding to a question posed by the students, he said that even with low CGPA or weakness in mathematics, good scores are possible in GMAT. Lastly, he concluded his speech with the GMAT's questions and how to do well in each section.

Participation of the students in this webinar which lasted for 1.30 hours was excellent. In response to various questions posed by the students, the guests explained the techniques of GMAT and GRE tests in the light of their experience so that the students can easily follow their path and get good scores in these exams.