Global Youth Thinkers Society's 'Youth Movement' on the occasion of UN Youth Day

  • 15 Aug
  • 05:56 AM

Zafor Ahmed Shimul, Special Correspondent 15 Aug, 21

The world's largest virtual youth movement 'Rise of an Empire' has been organized by the youth of Bangladesh at the World Record Holder International Organization Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) on the occasion of International Youth Day (UN Youth Day -2021).

Last Thursday (August 12), the youth of Bangladesh organized the world's largest virtual youth movement 'Rise of an Empire' of the global organization Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) on the occasion of UN Youth Day-2021. The main goal of this program was to highlight the role of Bangladeshi youth, their leadership, their creative thinking in the implementation of the United Nations Goal 2030 and the main goal of UN Youth Day-2021.
Speaking on the occasion, Hon'ble Founder President of GLTS 'Raoman Smita' addressed the audience and said, 'Bangladeshi youth are energetic and creative. Today's youth are the ambassadors of world peace. "Then the Honorable Chief Operating Officer of GLTS, Adv. Mahin Mehrab Aunik read out the GLTS oath to all and presented the United Nations to the youth.'

Economist, NBER Chairman, Prof. Syed Ahsanul Alam Parvez was present as the chief guest in the program and he said, "Thousands of young people are involved in this platform. Those who listen put food in the mouths of hungry people. Sami Ahmed, Policy Advisor, LICT Project, Ministry of ICT Bangladesh, Md. Abdul Qayyum, Head of Communication, UNDP Bangladesh, Bishwadev Chakraborty, National India Team Coordinator and Regional Coordinator for URI-Asia, India were also present on the occasion. Foundation's Country Program Manager (Bangladesh), Istanul Kabir and many others were present.
Also present were General Secretary of Environmental Movement Bapar, Sharif Jamil, Wise Lawyer, The Chief Executive of Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association (BELA), Sayeda Rizwana Hasan, Founder of Brati and National River Alliance Convener, Sharmin Morshed and many others.

More than 100 national and international speakers attended the program of 11858 registered participants. A total of 13 segments, round table discussions, open table discussions, presentation competitions, debates, climate action sessions, training, cultural and much more.
GLTS's Honorable Advisor (Bangladesh), Farhana Reza was present as a guest in the latest Aired segment.

In his concluding remarks, Mahir Daiyan, Deputy Director, GLTS, thanked everyone and said, "This country is mine, this world is mine." This is me; We are young people. We are the driving force of the future. We will be able to change the image of this world and create a green, beautiful and peaceful world by implementing the 2030 goals.

Monir Hossain, Tanmia Tahsin, Tuhfatul Jinan, Anika Tabassum, Ajmain Ahmed, Arunav Pal, Nasif Jahangir, Anik, Nuran Tamsunah and many others have played an important role in this special marathon program.